OVAL agent for Debian

The project goal is to develop a technique for Debian-based clusters security status managment. Notwithstanding the presence of the tools providing local security updates checking (i.e. update-notifier, integrated with the GNOME desktop, or cron-apt), there is no essential way to manage tens or hundreds of systems. This project is based on Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language, which is an international information security community standard to promote open and publicly available security content, and to standardize the transfer of this information across the entire spectrum of security tools and services. OVAL includes a language for data definition and interpretator which collect information from a computer for testing, to evaluate and carry out the OVAL definitions for that platform, and to report the results of the tests. Only the generic implementation of OVAL agent is present to the moment, but it may be adapted for the Debian distribution. And implementation of OVAL server will provide centralized managment of the entrie network security status.